30 Day Wellness Challenge Week 3

close up of salad in plate
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Note: This post is part of the New York Times Wellness 30 day challenge. Learn more here and if you want to join in- sign up here. Each week I will post about the daily challenges.

Last week I focused on techniques to make it easier to exercise using the brain’s reward system in creating new habits. These methods can be used for any new habits you want to create from healthier eating to practicing mindfulness. This week has another good tip about rewards and exercise which will come in a future post.  But first, shifting back to food.

The BIG Salad

Using salads as a meal makes it simple to eat healthfully:

  • easy way to prep ahead of time
  • portable and convenient one bowl eating
  • filled with nutrient dense foods
  • flexible and customizable – fill it with what you like to eat, what’s in season, or what you have available

Unfortunately, many people think of salad as a side dish or as something that won’t keep them full or be satisfying to eat. The challenge this week is to make a delicious- and I’d add filling -salad. Think in layers to compose a filling salad, make sure to include:

  • lots of colorful plants, mostly veggies (cooked or raw depending on how you like ’em)
  • some protein- keep your meats lean and bulk up on plant proteins like beans
  • some fat- avocados, beans, nuts, cheese, dressing
  • some texture –  the crunch of nuts, seeds, apples; the juiciness of berries
  • flavor, flavor, flavor: the bite of pickled veggies, olives, feta cheese, dried fruit; the richness of avocado, hummus, or your favorite dressing.

For a step by step salad workshop check out this prior post, and Salad Samurai for loads of plant-based, flavor-packed salad meals.


Happy eating and moving,


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