What I Learned About Nutrition in 2018

eating-2791692_1920Get in the kitchen!

Making food is likely the most impactful thing you can do to improve your diet. If you are looking for some inspiration, tips on how to get started or just want some new cooking tricks- check out these posts:

What’s Your Diet of Choice?

In addition to reviewing the top (and worse) rated diets of 2018, I wrote about a couple of dietary approaches this year: mesoamerican, flexitarian, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, weight loss – including the non-diet approach. They each have their benefits, the real key is finding the approach that works for you.

Using Food as Medicine

In terms of health and disease, there were some promising studies about the healing power of food in reversing diabetes and heart disease as well as healthier aging.

The metabolic impact of food- how it affects blood sugar and cholesterol- is essential to its health impact: studies on protein, sugar, and fiber caught my attention.

Happy New Year! Here’s to another healthy and enjoyable year in food.



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