Creating Your Foodway

If you want to improve your health, don’t “go on a diet”. Don’t adopt the latest celebrity endorsed method of restricting your food intake. Instead think about how you can create a philosophy of eating that nourishes your body, your mind, and your spirit. This way of eating should:

  • give you energy instead of leaving your exhausted
  • balance your mental state instead of leading to depression
  • contribute to feelings of wellness instead of guilt, shame, or stress about your food choices
  • support your worldview and be good x3: good for people, population, and planet- that is, good for your health, the health of your community, and the health of your environment.
  • and most importantly, taste good!

This way of looking at eating requires a few things from you:

  1. A sense of curiosity.
  2. A sense of awareness. Pay attention to how you eat- when, what, and where.
  3.  A sense of investigation. How do you feel when you eat certain foods?  When you go a long time between meals? When you eat large amounts of foods?
  4. A prioritization of your health. If eating well is negotiable, then it likely won’t happen. We have too many external factors driving us to eat poorly that if unhealthy food is an option, you will likely choose it when you are tired, upset, lonely, or looking for a treat.

This is your foodway; a term that describes how you eat and how it impacts the world around you. It takes into account where your food comes from, how it is grown, how it is prepared and how it impacts your wellbeing.

Eating this way offers a path out of the addictive, stressful, and unhealthy food system that most of Americans are hooked on. Establishing your foodway will take some effort, it will take some persistence. You will need to tend to it everyday. If you do, the benefits will ripple throughout your life.

Happy eating,


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