It’s All About the Relationship

There’s a new book out chronicling one woman’s journey to healing herself through changing her relationship to food. The source of her success is all in the title: Always too Much, Never Enough. Jasmin Singer “went from feeding emotions to feeding her soul”.

While there are many ways to compose a healthy diet, they are all based in whole foods. Whether you eat gluten, dairy, meat or are a vegan,  you can create a healthy diet;  but only if you have a healthy relationship to food. Some people seem to naturally find balance in their consumption while others struggle their whole lives.

What are the origins of this relationship? Many of them are cultural, some more psychological  and some are biological. Regardless of where they came from, evaluating your consumption patterns and behaviors will improve your self care.

Jasmin’s path leads her from the early adoption of a vegetarian and then vegan diet in which she did not change her unhealthy relationship to food and remained obese, unable to walk up a flight of stairs, or get off of the couch without being in pain, diagnosed with early risk factors for heart disease and lingering depression. She was able to heal herself from all of these things by improving her relationship to food and creating healthy consumption patterns for herself.

Her message is that you can have control over what you consume, you can have control over your health, and you can have control over your cravings. As she puts it, this was an inside job: she lost a lot of weight but the weight-loss was a by-product of changing her perspective on food.  She struggled with her weight for decades, going through cycles of over-consumption and deprivation while going on and off diet programs. She felt better and healed her relationship to food and then lost weight as she started to feel better about herself.

Happy eating,


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  1. jasminsinger says:

    Hi Jason! Thank you so much for your thoughts on my book! This means a lot to me, and I think you hit the nail on the head. Much appreciated! xo -Jasmin


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